The Village of Browntown would like to announce that the village will be selling it's McDonald Compactor on Wisconsin Surplus Online Auction. The auction will end Sept. 05, 2017 at 10:00am central time. The item number is 90932 and a description, condition and disclaimer are also on the website.

The village would like to take this opportunity to thank the residents of Browntown for helping the village with the water restrictions we had on Aug. 16th and 7th. Your cooperation is very much appreciated while we make these upgrades to our system!




6th – Communion Sunday, Pie & Ice Cream Social after Church

7th - Council Meeting

13th – Sound/Video/Lighting Proposal Presentation, with discussion,

following Worship

17th – Women’s Guild – 1:30 PM

24th – Working Women – 5:00 PM

27th – Sound/Video/Lighting Proposal member vote following Worship

28th – "September" Council Meeting


3rd – Communion Sunday

9th & 10th – Pie Sale at Green County Fairgrounds

10th – Book Study ("Grounds for Living") – 6:00 PM in Fellowship Hall

13th – Dr. Kimberley Lovelace, MD, and her husband, Hoyt, will be showing

pictures and telling about their medical missions work in Ivory Coast,

Africa. She provides treatment for eye diseases (like cataracts) for

many who would otherwise be blind. Sponsored by Peace Church

Women’s Guild. A Potluck at 5:30 PM will precede the program. All

interested persons are invited to attend.