The Village Of Browntown would like to wish the residents of the village and safe and happy Thanksgiving .

Residents of Browntown:

The rules for garbage pickup are as follows:

  1. White, Clear, or Blue Bags
  2. They must be tied shut
  3. They must not be over 50 lbs.
  4. The bags NEED to be STURDY
  5. You are allowed one bag, You must put stickers on all others

We have asked the residents to please abide by these few SIMPLE rules yet they are still not be followed. So if your bags are in black bags, filled to full, or they fall apart we will leave your bag where it is. Rob has been off and the Village President and the Clerk have been filling in. It's not easy to pick up some of the bags and throw them into the back of the truck. We are asking for cooperation with this matter, or we will consult with a outside contractor to pick up the garbage and residents can pay their own bills.

Thank you for your assistance, if you have any questions please contact the clerk.