The Browntown Community Museum was first founded and opened in August 1990 for the Villages 100th birthday party! The founding members started remodeling the current home of the museum the year before.

   The founding members were: Helen Mayne, Rudy and Mabel Haske, Marilyn Lueck, Grant Dale, Wilbur and Eileen Wells, Lorraine Shoemacher, David Burkhalter, Stanley Pickett, Sheldon DeVoe, and the community of Browntown.

    Many donations were given in memory of the early settlers and farmer's of the area. Helen Mayne  donated a great deal to the museum such as a rope bed used by one of the earliest postmasters Sophie Jackson, and a collection of post office items. Helen herself was the postmaster for Browntown, and she shared many antidote's, memories, and stories of the families and businesses of Browntown. She was a wealth of information and she was a intricate part of the fabric of Browntown. Sheldon DeVoe also contributed many Native American Artifacts found on his farm just outside of Browntown. A small portion of Browntown's first two bed jail cell can be seen in one of the pictures and it was located at the Charles Hartwig farm. It was brought back to Browntown and Art Anderson sandblasted and paint the cell.

     The museum is moving forward every year towards it goal to become a non-profit organization. In the coming year we are working on fundraisers and money contributions to help maintain the museum. We work to preserve the past so that the youth of our area know their roots and the people that shaped our community. The can not move forward until they know where they came from.

   The museum is open the first Sunday of June, July, August and by appointments. Please call Helen Johnson at 608-966-3514 to discuss days and times available for a tour.

From Our Village to you, please come and see what we have to offer.

A gift shop is available to commemorate your visit.

Helen Johnson- Museum Director/President


CALL HELEN JOHNSON AT 608-966-3514 with any questions or concerns